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Bakery castors

Why do bakers chose Colson quality castors ?
After many tests and more than twenty years’ experience, it is clear to Colson what the answer is to this question:

- easy movement and manoeuvring
- long service life
- maintenance friendly

JXPT 1005 1000

Swivel castor 100 mm, 75 kg

Technical data

Diameter 100 mm
Wheel width 38 mm
Hub length 45 mm
Height 128 mm
Offset 33 mm
Wheel axle diameter 10 mm
Bolt hole diameter 12 mm
Load capacity 75 kg
Weight 0.9 kg
Reach compliant Rohs compliant


  • Plastic wheel with high temperature black rubber tyre
  • (Shore A 62). Temperature resistance -40°C to + 300 °C

Technical description

  • Swivel fork of deep drawn stainless steel
  • Swivel bearing with double ball race