Composition of order numbers

1. Housing Descriptions

2. Wheel type

3. Surface and attachment


29K 125r


357 Housing series
a Type of brake

Type of brake

a Without brake
b Wheel locking brake
h Total brake mounted behind
i Total brake mounted in front
k Total brake mounted behind
q Central brake
r Directional brake


29 Wheel series
K Wheel bearing
125 Wheel-Ø (mm)
r Tyre type

Wheel bearings

G Plain bearing
C Flange bearing
K Precision ball bearing
R Roller bearing

Type of tyre

a Electrically conductive tyre (<104Ohm), Shore A 80

Solid rubber tyre blue-grey, Shore A 80; wheel series 14 Shore A 64

c Solid rubber tyre black, Shore A 80
d Elastic solid rubber tyre blue, Shore A 70
e Elastic solid rubber tyre black; wheel series 14 Shore A 67; wheel series 17 Shore A 70
h Heat-resistant tyre
l Deep groove profile tyre (pneumatic tyres)
n Polypropylene tyre white

Polyamide tyre white

r Wheel series 29/34 thermoplastic tyre (TPE) grey, Shore A 80
s Cast tyre
v Polyurethane tyre, Shore A 95
w 2-components-tyre blue-grey, operational surface Shore A 60, tyre core Shore A 85, for higher load capacities
x Polyamide tyre black
y Thermoplastic polyurethane tyre (TPU), electrically conductive (<104Ohm), Shore A 95
z Polypropylene tyre black


Z Surface finishing
P Attachment
F Measurements of attachment (mm)

Surface finishing

C Chrome plated
E Sheet steel
G Yellow chrome plated
K Solid plastic
Z Zinc passivated


G Threaded pin
L Bolt hole
P Plate
R Expanding socket
Z Fixing pin
KO Polyamide socket