Wrapping it all up

Housing descriptions

The swivelling properties of a castor are determined not only by the size and the wheel, but also by the construction of the swivel bearing. Below various types of swivel bearings are described that have been generally accepted as standard types of construction in the most varied fields of application.

1. Swivel bearing with solid bearing axle

This type of construction is used in the furniture and equipment castor sector for light and medium-heavy loads. It is protected to a great extent against water, dust and dirt.


2. Swivel bearing with single race ball

The illustration on the side shows a simple type of bearing for the equipment and transport sector. Through careful design of the ball track, good steerability under normal usage conditions is achieved.


3. Swivel bearing with double ball race

The type of construction seen in the next illustration was developed for the medium and heavy equipment castor sector. The very compact construction shape stands up to stringent static and dynamic demands. Further characteristics are excellent steerability with little play, as well as better protection in comparison with the single-row swivel bearing. A sealing ring provides additional protection against dirt and water spray.


4. Quality for a life

Swivel bearings consist of a precision deep-groove ball bearing. Little free play, smooth running and extensive wear resistance. In addition it is protected to a great extent against water, dust and dirt. This bearing is used for castor applications of medium and high load capacities.


5. Swivel bearing with closed special head

This double-row ball bearing is for use in the lower load bearing of higher transport devices. The completely closed steering head with permanent self-lubrication is protected against dust and water spray. The solution is extremely well suited to withstand the horizontal side forces associated with this type of castor usage.


6. Swivel bearing with axle bearing and tapered roller bearing

This swivel bearing represents the highest degree of performance. It consists of two tapered roller bearings opposite each other. Both bearings are sealed and additional lubrication can be added. Its special characteristics are outstanding functional safety, smooth running and a lack of dirt ingression This type of bearing is especially appropriate for very high loads.