Quality for a life in the open air

Castors not only have to hold their ground in closed rooms – their quality should also defy outside influences. Castors that are used the whole year in the open air are subjected to external influences in relation to adverse weather and extreme temperatures. A combination of temperature and humidity can have a particularly bad effect.

RHOMBUS makes provisions for this – through surface improvements to the sheet steel components. The parts are for example galvanised, chrome-plated or powder coated. For use in particularly harsh environments we recommend rust-free castors, manufactured from stainless steel.


Temperature resistance must be assessed individually for each application. It is dependent upon many varied factors. In the selection process first we investigate the high and low temperature resistance. The final selection of castors is then shaped by influencing factors such as the duration of effect of the temperature, stresses, various environmental influences and ground conditions.

In addition to the environmental influences, the degree to which the castors are washable also has increasing importance. For cleaning in autoclaves or any with high pressure cleaning we recommend corrosion-protected castors, made of stainless steel, chrome-plated steel and high-quality plastics.