For going in the right direction

The steerability of equipment and machines is dependent upon the position of the individual castors on the equipment. Various arrangement possibilities show what direction it can go:

Four swivel castors at the same height on the structure.

This is the optimum arrangement in order to be mobile in all directions. However in narrow corridors when moving straight ahead, this configuration makes the equipment more difficult to steer. By installing a directional lock on at least one swivel castor this behaviour can be optimised.


Two swivel castors and two fixed castors at the same height on the structure.

Probably the most-often used arrangement for castors that is suitable for the most varied applications ie for moving straight ahead correctly as well as for curved trajectories. As an alternative there is a possibility to install a wheelset, or two wheels on an axis, instead of a fixed castor. This arrangement proves to be problematic in narrow passages.